Rates and debt recovery

McLeods provides specialist debt recovery services for local governments and we are committed to offering our clients solutions that are both effective and efficient. We understand that the needs and challenges faced by a local government are unique, requiring sensitive and insightful strategies. That’s why our debt recovery lawyers approach recovery action in a tailored manner to best meet the needs and goals of our clients.

rates and debt recovery

Furthermore, we appreciate the need for local governments to handle debt recovery in a cost-effective manner: the team at McLeods is dedicated to managing debt recovery processes and court proceedings efficiently to minimise costs to local governments and ratepayers. When engaging our recovery action services, you can expect to work with a team of dedicated individuals who bring a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge to offer you the best possible solutions.

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Our recovery action expertise

our recovery action expertiseThe McLeods’ team has extensive experience with all forms of debt recovery proceedings and are well-equipped to assist with a broad spectrum of local government debt recovery matters. Our assistance is practical and effective as we help local governments dramatically reduce debtor incidence and deal with problem debtors.

We specialise in complex debt recovery matters, however we also work with local government officers where the local government wishes to carry out the initial steps in the debt recovery process itself.

Our expertise in government debt and rate recovery matters encompasses:

  • Recovery of unpaid rates and service charges
  • Sale of land process under the Local Government Act 1995
  • Recovery of debts owing from deceased estates and deregistered companies
  • Recovery of unpaid lease and rental fees
  • Termination of lease agreements and eviction of tenants in default
  • Disposal of uncollected goods under the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1970
  • Representation of local government in court proceedings for debt recovery in all jurisdictions including Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court and Federal Court
  • Enforcing monetary judgments under the Civil Judgments Enforcement Act 2004 including means enquiries and applications for arrest warrants if necessary
  • Court taxation of legal costs
  • Locating debtors and individuals whose whereabouts are unknown
  • Recovering other sundry local government debts

Achieving Optimal Outcomes

achieving optimal outcomesAt McLeods, we provide a ‘one stop’ specialist debt recovery service and work tirelessly to achieve optimal outcomes for our local government clients in an efficient manner. We understand the importance for local governments to minimise the incidence of rate debtors in the most cost-effective and productive manner, and we are committed to doing just that. Our goal in managing all aspects of debt recovery is to enable our local government clients to focus on their crucial responsibilities in the interest of their communities.

Our specialist rate recovery lawyers have considerable experience and the depth of understanding to assist local governments in achieving their rate revenue goals. The rate and debt recovery services we offer strongly advocate the interests of our local government clients, but we are respectful in all dealings with rate payer debtors. Underpinning all the legal services McLeods provides is a commitment to our clients interests and an unwavering respect for all people.

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