Mcleods Contact List Covid-19 Related Legal Issues

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In order to assist rapid and coordinated provision of legal assistance on COVID-19-related issues, we provide the following contacts at McLeods for your convenience:

Legal Issues Contacts Contact details

Governance matters including:

  • meetings conducted by electronic means;
  • delegations;
  • execution of documents;
  • budgeting compliance

Neil Douglas

Denis McLeod

David Nicholson

Peter Wittkuhn (re emeetings)
0411 115 146
0408 929 009
0410 619 971
0400 123 501

Compliance and Enforcement*: special measures for heightened, relaxed or modified enforcement practice due to changed legal or practical circumstances

Peter Gillett

Tim Beckett
0403 302 974
0466 656 074

Impacts on contractual and commercial arrangements –

  • Issues of Force Majeure
  • Renegotiation or termination of contractual arrangements
  • Contractual disputes
  • Contractual management
  • Construction contracts

Peter Wittkuhn

Neil Douglas

David Nicholson
0400 123 501
0411 115 146
0410 619 971

Property issues

  • Electronic execution of property documentation
  • Changed PEXA requirements
  • Leasing disputes

Fiona Grgich

David Nicholson
0421 230 194
0410 619 971

Employment issues

  • Leave entitlements
  • Consultation requirements
  • Notices
  • Stand downs
Neil Douglas
0411 115 146
Workplace health and safety Scott Wade
0439 991 854
Rate and Debt recovery measures in a changing economic environment

David Nicholson

Adam Watts
0410 619 971
0424 894 350

*Despite COVID-19, the Compliance and Enforcement Group is continuing to commence and conduct prosecutions, subject to the availability and further direction of the Magistrates Court. Due to the uncertainty of future court listings and the availability and resources of local governments, we are also assisting local governments in pursuing alternative compliance options and other urgent troubleshooting for areas of enforcement including but not limited to:

  • Health, asbestos, noise, food, unfit buildings
  • Dangerous buildings and unapproved works
  • Unapproved development and s214 directions
  • Dangerous dogs, seizure and destruction, registration cancellation

For all other COVID-19-related legal issues, please contact any of our partners or our Reception on 9383 3133. The firm remains fully-operational. Whilst a majority of our people are working from home, our ability to service our clients’ needs is unimpeded, and we look forward to supporting our clients through these challenging times.

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