• Land Aquisition by Local Governments - Processes and Compensation Liabilities (May 2014) by P Wittkuhn
  • Mandatory Amalgamations - Governance Issues (Oct 2013) by D McLeod
  • Built Strata Subdivision - Power to impose conditions (Oct 2013) by D McLeod
  • Significant case law developments (Oct 2013) by P Wittkuhn
  • Discretion remains for certified building applications (Oct 2013) by P Wittkuhn
  • An Inconvenient Risk - Climate change and Local Governnent Liability (Aug 2013) by D Nicholson
  • Contaminated Sites - Legal Update (Apr 2013) by D Nicholson
  • Local Government Planning Powers after Reform Planning Act 2010 (Dec 2010) by D McLeod
  • Overview of liquor licensing (Sep 2010) by D McLeod
  • Development contributions - problems for Local Government (Sep 2010) by D McLeod
  • Representing local government in the State Administrative Tribunal (Aug 2009) by D Nicholson


Please contact McLeods for a copy of these presentations.